Speakers will be announced on a rolling basis, so please check back often as we announce additional speakers.

/ Anton Vedel
CEO & co-founder
Anton Vedel
CEO & co-founder
Anton has created an AI-based tool to help corporates discover transforming trends within their industries. For the product development he takes a distinctly collaborative approach, incorporating data from market leaders such as Cisco, H&M and Maersk.

Anton will talk about how you co-create with multiple partners - and give them the future of competitor analysis in return.
Danfoss + The Ramp
/ Ricki Mae Melchior
Digital Entrepreneur
Ricki Mae Melchior
Digital Entrepreneur
Ricki is a part of the team behind The Ramp, a startup studio propelled by Danfoss. The Ramp explores how Danfoss can create new value for their customers. This means moving from mechanical engineering into digital self help tools and communities. And through every project, striking a balance between creative freedom and Danfoss’ overall strategic vision.
/ Alex Farcet
Alex Farcet
Alex is the lead founder of Startupbootcamp, one of world’s largest startup accelerators with programs across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. On Alex’ agenda is supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and helping established companies play a vital part in the process. At Rainmaking Summit he will facilitate our workshop on the future of startup + corporate partnerships.
Rainmaking Innovation
/ Jordan Schlipf
Jordan Schlipf
Jordan concentrates his energy on Rainmaking Innovation, where he works with corporates, governments and universities to transform industries. Previously he has worked within venture capital and been an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at University College London. During Rainmaking Summit he will run our workshop on how to structure innovation journeys.
/ Marianne Dahl Steensen
CEO Denmark & Iceland
Marianne Dahl Steensen
CEO Denmark & Iceland
Microsoft is in the middle of a serious transformation, and Marianne is setting its course for the Danish and Icelandic markets. She will talk about the company’s big move from selling Windows licenses to focusing on cloud-based services that provide the customers up-to-speed insight on their industry. Marianne is passionate about making a distinctive Nordic mark on Microsoft’s cloud strategy, so it enhances trust and collaboration between users.
/ Harrie Vollaard
Head of FinTech & Innovation
Harrie Vollaard
Head of FinTech & Innovation
Harrie has directed Rabobank through the past years of the rising fintech scene and into its current boom. He will circle in on how you identify the right startup partners within your own industry - with precise research as the point of departure. At Rabobank Harrie has made it a virtue to connect in-house forecasting of technology trends and creating new business opportunities.
/ Kim Escherich
IoT Innovation Architect
Kim Escherich
IoT Innovation Architect
Kim helps IBM’s users discover what Internet of Things can do for their business. He is also deeply involved in the roll-out of IBM’s artificial intelligence product, Watson, that allows companies to use data as an evermore intelligent growth tool. At Rainmaking Summit Kim tells the story of how IBM is redefining their core offering and making the world’s most interesting emerging technologies accessible for entrepreneurs.
/ Malene Natascha Ratcliffe
Malene Natascha Ratcliffe
In a wide range of projects the artist collective SUPERFLEX has challenged corporate culture and some of its most iconic symbols: the logo brand, the flagship store, the shiny headquarters. Whether its JPMorgan Chase, Louis Vuitton or Deutsche Bank, SUPERFLEX puts these companies into new, surprising contexts. For fall 2017 they bring one of their biggest artworks so far to Tate Modern in partnership with Hyundai.

Malene will break down the creative practice of SUPERFLEX, which is based on always selecting the project you cannot pull off alone.
/ Jeremy Basset
Founder & CEO
Jeremy Basset
Founder & CEO
Jeremy helps large corporations build their partnerships with startups. Today an independent voice, the backbone of his knowhow comes from launching and running The Unilever Foundry from 2014-2016. The project lets entrepreneurs collaborate with Unilever’s 400 brands and access their global crowd of 2.5 billion customers. Jeremy will flesh out learnings from The Foundry’s multisided approach to startups: mentoring them, using them as out-of-the-box problem crunchers, and investing in their products.

Now, let’s build a vision that serves your company in the long run.

When embarking on an innovation journey, you either plan ahead or plan to fail. The vision you build today will lay the foundation for a technical and cultural transformation that will last, and most crucially, will be successful.

So you’ve recruited the director of digital transformation – then what? Do you engage with startups? Do you form teams – away from the core business – in order to free creativity and avoid being dragged back into legacy corporate thinking? In a year’s time, will you have anything to show the board on what your digital team has actually delivered?

We believe in not shying away from the tougher conversations and ground work that needs to be done at the start of the innovation journey. Rainmaking Summit is the place where you will learn to navigate those conversations and gain the stamina to follow through.

Summit Agenda: 7th September 2017

The agenda is organised around three streams - designed to offer you the targeted advice and guidance most relevant to your business.

The three streams are open to all attendees. We encourage you to pick and choose the talks, presentations and workshops that best meet your needs.

9:00 - 10:00
Breakfast and registration
10:00Streams Start
10:00 - 10:45Sessions
Opening presentation

Isn’t it about time ‘innovation’ laid its cards on the table? 
What is innovation? It is time to come clean – in plain and simple language. Where is the world going and what types of businesses will succeed? Which ideas deserve the most resources and investment?

10:45 - 11:45Sessions
Panel discussion

The hands-on business of creation
How do you create an innovation strategy and team that reflects a company’s overall views and needs? What is the correct balance between enacting internal change and looking outside the organisation for inspiration or partnerships?

11:45 - 13:00Lunch

Lunch from our local street food partner

13:00 - 14:00Sessions
Innovation is a tool
3 companies and how they look beyond new technologies

The innovation journey can be often be misrepresented as the search for a silver bullet. If an organization can just harness a new technology – for instance blockchain – their infrastructure, product offering and business models will be future-proofed to survive shifting trends. However, technology is just a tool than some use to solve particular problems. Technology is not the platform for all innovative change.

What does an innovation framework look like that doesn’t hold technology or digital change at its heart?

14:00 - 15:00Sessions
Fix the strategic culture first
3 companies and how they succeed with entrepreneurial approaches

Most of us are told we must ‘Innovate or die!’ Digital disruption is coming to disintermediate and disrupt our businesses. One solution that is touted is to search out some buzzy startups to partner with. Or to try and install an ‘entrepreneurial culture’ inside your organisation. But neither of these strategies will succeed if there isn’t a strategic culture in place to support all these initiatives. Why is culture the strongest and most overlooked barrier?

15:00 - 15:30Coffee break
13:00 - 14:00Sessions
Workshop 1
The ideal innovation journey for a complex organization.

Facilitated by Rainmaking’s Jordan Schlipf.

14:00 - 15:00Sessions
Workshop 2
What is the next generation of startup + corporate growth partnerships?

Facilitated by Rainmaking’s Alex Farcet.

13:00 - 14:00Sessions
Step 1
A running showcase of new collaborations between startups and corporates

As seen from the point of view from the entrepreneurs. What are they looking for, when they take on a big company as partner?

14:00 - 15:00Sessions
Step 2
A running showcase of new collaborations between startups and corporates

As seen from the point of view from the entrepreneurs. What are they looking for, when they take on a big company as partner?

16:00Drinks & networking

When & where + who to talk to?


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